Nightwing and Miss Martian (not promoting a relationship here:)

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Hey guys,

So I'm working on this Young Justice, Nightwing-centric fan fic that takes place in the time skip and basically tells a story through the eyes of the Team and other supporting characters. Establishing Dick's relationship (and , thus, how the different characters think about him) with most of the team hasn't been too difficult but I am really having difficulty with Miss Martian. Dick and Artemis are the depowered ones. KF and Dick: best friends. Kaldur: brother-type. Zatanna: flirty relationship. Miss martian keeps throwing me for a loop. And I keep referring back to "Performance." There were a few good moments in that episode between the two that really showed their concern for each other but I still have trouble trying to figure out why they would be close (aside from the constant life and death situations they are in as part of the Team:). Any thoughts?

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