New Young Justice? *Spoilers*

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There's already a thread similar to this one, so I understand if it gets locked. But in the recent year a lot of younger heroes have been showing up and I think that some hints are being dropped for a new Young Justice. Everyone knows the three original Young Justice members:

 Superboy, Robin, and Impulse
Now we have a new Robin and Impulse:

There was also Chris Kent who was aged into a teenager, however;
 Another that I think that's going to become a hero in the next few years is:
Does anyone else see a connection? Can you think of any other possible characters, and would you want another Young Justice?
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So the pecking order would be Justice League, Titans, Teen Titans and Young Justice....might be a bit much.

#3 Posted by danhimself (21257 posts) - - Show Bio
@PrinceIMC: most of the Titans are moving up to become the new Justice League and the Titans book will be a team led by Deathstroke with unknown members
#4 Posted by Harlekin (723 posts) - - Show Bio

Hopefully the get ride of Teen Titans and replace it with Young Justice. Way better name and concept.

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and it sounds like superboy will be returning to the teen titans team unless they get torn apart and create a new Titans team
#6 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio

For me, there was only one Young Justice.  No offence to the work on these new characters, but they all seem pretty young or too mean spirited to become a new YJ.  

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