Live-Action Young Justice (Fanmade)

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Hello everyone.

I recently decided to start a web-series inspired by Young Justice, the Bat-verse and the DCU in general. It's purely fan-made, pretty much no budget but we really tried our best to get our actors to look as similar to their comic-book counterparts and behave like the characters would. We invested in presenting the stuff through Nightwing's perspective.

I think it's worth a look and I'd really appreciate your opinions on the characters so far and what other characters you'd like to see.

Thanks for reading.

Characters up until now:

  • Dick Grayson / Nightwing
  • Tim Drake / Robin
  • Roy Harper / Arsenal (Red Arrow)
  • Barbara Gordon / Batgirl
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Damn man that was awesome! I was going to start one of these too :D I'm Superboy!

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Thanks man! Hope your project comes to life, there's a lot of room for Young Justice characters.

Make sure to share the video, thanks again!

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I'll make sure to watch these tomorrow. Don't have time right now.

However, I will say I already hate the roster. 3 out of 4 of them are Bat-characters.

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That's because we are only including non-powered characters for now.

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Anyone else willing to share thoughts on this?

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Where are those accents from?

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We're from Portugal. We did our best to 'conceal' the accent.

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is nice work here, i for once i can understand that super powered characters may be hard to create on a fanmade work.

Looking forward to the rest

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Yes, it would be extremely hard to do it with nearly no budget. Thanks for your support and stay tuned, I'll be releasing more episodes!

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