I'm not sleeping (some thoughts)

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  1. Greg Weisman hinted that Roy's sickly appearance may be related to an actual drug problem. Weisman has balls considering the obstacles his show faces on a yearly basis.
  2. Dick has apparently been acting like Batman since his Robin days. Dick lied to the Team about having League sanction in "Performance" Now Nightwing is partner to a secret operation that may have left Aqualad brain dead and Miss Martian traumatized. Is the reality of war drawing out these dormant Bat-qualities from Dick the "chosen one"? The "chosen one" seems appropriate. Aqualad predicted Robin would take the reins of leadership soon after him, that it was his destiny. Nightwing (Earth-16) appears every bit the respected hero of the old DCU. Given his position as "general", it makes sense for Dick to feel some sort of responsibility to end the "war". The fact that Dick doesn't enjoy leading suggests he's aware some of his fears came true; at the very least he hates risking his friends' lives (i.e. Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day /Outsiders).
  3. Does Dick's mathematical savvy bear any relation to his keen sense of timing and improvisational ability?

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Denader, lijochs.

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