How would you have continued the story?

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As we all know Young Justice is cancelled but left on a cliffhanger. So Vandal Savage has formed an alliance with Darkseid and Apokolips. The Justice League has returned to earth and the team is back with Kaldur as the leader, and finally the Reach have been taken care of.

Probably the most interesting part is the Vandal-Darkseid alliance. This one was the most interesting to me.

So this is a thread where people can post their predictions and even own stories on how they think the story would've continued or how they would have continued the story.


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I got bored of the show. I was annoyed at the beginning when Tim wasn't Robin. So for me, I would have got rid of the first season cast members that were not part of the Young Justice comic series and continued from there.

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Wally wakes up wondering where he is. Welcome to the speed force.

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Eventually I would've had the JL retire and have the Team take over.

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I got bored of the show. I was annoyed at the beginning when Tim wasn't Robin. So for me, I would have got rid of the first season cast members that were not part of the Young Justice comic series and continued from there.


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Retcon Wally's death, speed force

Have Miss Martian Mindrapist accidentally attract some white martians as a side plot

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Darkseid invasion has already been done in Justice League unlimited cartoon and Brave and Bold cartoon so Young Justice has to do it in a different way like using the minions of Darkseid (like Super Powers) or using the Light as pawns (like the 1970s Secret Society of Super Villains). For Young Justice to work, the Justice League must not be involved at first. I would assume the Justice League does not know that the Light has teamed up with Darkseid. I would start with the plot by Godfrey and the Light to discredit or outlaw the Justice League. The Young Justice will have to work illegally or underground. I would have the Forever People join the Young Justice also. Darkseid will brainwash the earth like in Final Crisis and the Light will get alarmed once even super villains start getting brainwashed but it will be too late for the Light who all get brainwashed. Even the Justice league and New Genesis will end up brainwashed so it will be up to Young Justice to save the planet. As for Wally, maybe use Fastbak to rescue Wally from the speed force.

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Yeah they should base it off of Final Crisis.

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Well, first I would have Luthor become president in some kind of "President Luthor" esque storyline. He would then spread his influence to the entire world(not rule it, but he'd have a large influence), presenting himself as a benevolent leader with the intention of making the world a better place. Since he is in alliance with the Light, they help him implant a good portion of the world population with the Starro mind-control tech you see earlier on in the series. This would allow Darkseid to control and look into the human subconscious for fragments of the Anti-Life Equation. It would also fulfill the Light's plans(more specifically Lex) to lead Earth and humanity as rulers of the galaxy since the Light could introduce Apokoliptan tech to the public without any resistance. The Justice League and various other heroes could be either taken out by Darkseid and his forces and the Light or be subverted by the mind-control tech.

This version of DS would be more akin to Pre-Crisis versions and would be able to take on and defeat the League and the Team without much difficulty at all. Darkseid would be behind everything, pulling the strings, using avatars to do his bidding, etc. He could also kill a few of the main heroes just to show how much of a threat he is. How did he get the Light to work with him? Simple, explain the plan and tell them they would have full control of humanity by the time he is finished. If not that, simply have the Light be victims of mind-control themselves, idk, I'm not interested in filling plot holes since I didn't even watch the series that much,, so I'll leave that to someone else.

That's how I'd do it. Whatever.

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Wally isn't killed. Instead, his kinetic energy mixed with the energy coming off of the Reach device to create a cosmic treadmill style effect, sending him into the future. He winds up 40 years into the future, where the remaining heroes are mounting a revolution against Darkseid. New heroes in the future could include Terry McGinnis as the new Batman, Booster Gold, Bart's father and aunt (The Turbo Twins) and Power Girl. Wally learns about the Speed Force, and must master it in order to return to his own time and defeat Darkseid before he ever takes over.

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Separate the team from the League. Have them exist as separate entities that only interact occasionally.

Shrink the team down OR at least attempt to highlight each member rather than letting some be used only as cameos and plot devices (La'Gaan, Tim, Cassie).

Make it less about public reception for heroes and show far less Godfrey.

Bring Wally back, now with a stronger connection to the Speed Force.

...I miss this show...

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I just rewatched Season 2, and it was a lot better as a collective whole, but still pretty sucky.

I would have had the team be more like the JSA, focusing on bringing in new heroes and the next generation, training them for the future.

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Yikes... There's a lot more hate for this show than I realized.

I loved every minute of it. Far more than Justice League (Unlimited) and Teen Titans: TAS.

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This is more of a prediction of what I think would have happened.

First off let Wally stay dead, his death was not in vain, he had his run as a character , and even if he lived we never would have seen him again.

Green Beetle's distress call from Mars was because he needs help Mars is under Civil War between the Green, Red, and White Martians. This will some how tie in with why the light wanted to destroy the satellite to communicate with Mars better.

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I just want the show to come back!

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id like a filer episode about the red arrow "family" that of course being red arrow as a dad/free lancer, cheshire as his estranged wife, lian (maybe a little older) and arsenal's role (if any) as an "uncle" and artemis of course

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