Favorite Young Justice Character?

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Mine is miss martian :]

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Tough call, very tough call. I Love the entire cast and the take on them. I would go with Wally as my favorite of the characters

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Dick mothafuggin Grayson

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@cattlebattle said:

Dick mothafuggin Grayson

What Hei said.

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@AweSam said:

@cattlebattle said:

Dick mothafuggin Grayson

What Hei said.

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It could be Dick, but then I realized I like him for real as Nightwing only. (when he was Robin he was a little bit cocky and too serious/cold, kinda of out of character)

Nhaa, I don't know. I really liked Artemis in season 1. And Wally :)

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 Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing
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Wally. I liked him at first, but the episode Coldhearted really pushed him into the spot of my favorite character.

#9 Posted by CODYSF (2219 posts) - - Show Bio

Blue Beetle and Dick Grayson

#10 Posted by BlackArmor (6222 posts) - - Show Bio

Aqualad and or Tim Drake

#11 Posted by ThexX (1614 posts) - - Show Bio

Aqualad & Cheshire are tied for frist

Dick is second.

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Aqualad and Dick Grayson

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Wonder Girl in season 2. I like how exciting she is about being a hero and how she gets sidetracked by whats going on becaue I think I would bethe same way if I just became a hero. Super fan/hero.

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Wally, Dick, and Roy. With Artemis being next on the list.

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Zatanna. But there isn't enough of her on the show.

#16 Posted by ComicCrazy (1640 posts) - - Show Bio

I would say Konner or Wally....but mann Dick is awesome too so is Miss Martian....also who thought Impulse was extremely awesome too ?

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Blue Beetle,Watching the episode "Beneath" gave him more development and made me more fond of him.

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Nightwing and Superboy

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Probably Superboy. Red Arrow and Cheshire too. Everyone really, but those would be my top three.

#21 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3080 posts) - - Show Bio

aqualad, nightwing, wally west, & superboy. can't wait for the show to come back from hiatus.

#22 Posted by JohnnyGat (1592 posts) - - Show Bio

Season 1 Dick Grayson

Season 2 Aqualad

#23 Posted by longbowhunter (8846 posts) - - Show Bio

Aqualad has been my favorite from the start.

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I love all of the six original team members, especially in Season 2 although not so much Miss Martian. I'm also really liking Impulse, especially after it was revealed that the way he behaves to the Team is all an act.

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Superboy, Nightwing, and Beast Boy

#26 Posted by YoggSaron (812 posts) - - Show Bio

Wally in season 1.

Since his role has been diminished for now, I would say my favorite season 2 character would be Superboy.

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@Deranged Midget said:


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Like his powers. Like his personality. Hell I even like the way he dresses I wouldn't wear tights either and nothings better than a comfortable pair of boots.

#30 Posted by DeadNightHero (150 posts) - - Show Bio

aqualad dick grayson and blue beetle

#31 Posted by sethysquare (3965 posts) - - Show Bio

Im gonna have to say Superboy

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Nightwing and Wondergirl are my two favorites.

Blue Beetle isn't far behind.

#33 Edited by sinestro_GL (3591 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain Marvel :)

...but as far as the primary cast is concerned...Superboy

#34 Posted by Twentyfive (3010 posts) - - Show Bio


Beetle & Wonder Girl

#35 Posted by Underachiever007 (110 posts) - - Show Bio

@cosmo111687 said:

Zatanna. But there isn't enough of her on the show.

Yeah, Zatanna would be one of my favorites if they would only use her more. We could really do with more Zee. And more Dick. I'd love to see an episode that takes a complete break from the series plot and instead just involves Nightwing and Zatanna kicking ass.

#36 Posted by Teerack (9732 posts) - - Show Bio

Roy Harper is pretty great, but i do kinda wish he was more like his New 52 self.

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#38 Posted by JohnnyGat (1592 posts) - - Show Bio

After rewatching YJ:I "Depths" I have to say AL really is my favorite this season, I love how he comes out of the water with the shit just got real look on his eyes.

#39 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82980 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Manta, Aqualad, Nightwing, Cheshire.

#40 Posted by Imagine_Man15 (1809 posts) - - Show Bio

Roy, Dick, Superboy and Wally are all tied.

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Nightwing, Batgirl, Blue Beetle and Wonder Girl.

I like Artemis, but people define her on so much on her relationship with Wally it irks me.

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Miss Martian, Artemis, Zatanna, Wonder Girl, Bumble Bee, Cheshire , Superboy, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Red Arrow.

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I have a lot of favorites on the show, but I would say Artemis

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Easily Zatanna or Cheshire.

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robin/nightwing or superboy

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Dick Grayson, Zatanna, Wally and as far as the newbies go, Jaime and Bart. What can I say, YJ just has such amazing characterization I can't narrow it down to one :P

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#48 Posted by GTG12 (1584 posts) - - Show Bio

Nightwing, wally, and artemis

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Superboy, Wally, and Tim Drake.

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Wally. I love that there's a place to get Wally still even though the DCnU (and really, even the old DCU) spurned him. The all-Flash episode was great and Wally was my favorite part of it.

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