A clue to who is Artemis on the Young Justice Cartoon?

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I think I figured out who she is, She is Olivia Queen the daughter of Oliver Queen and Black Canary which means she is'nt speedy,

she's not arrowette, she's not a amazon but she is a dc character. Another thing I noticed which made this fit even more is the way she is

wearing her jacket with the rolled up sleevesk, exactly like how Black Canary wears her coat. If anybody else has any theories or ideas feel free

to speculate.

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Hope that's the route they go because that sounds like it would be pretty awesome XD and makes more sense than a random amazon
I also want to see what drama they do with the martian and how she struggles with her true identity as a white martian(gonna be like raven from TT)

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I know, It would be pretty epic. When I pieced it all together it fitted perfectly. Especially with the other teen heroes being some how either related to or   
kids taken under the heroes guidance. This would make alot more since to have her on the team as well as a cool character storyline to follow in the cartoon.

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It's actually Arrowette, Stephanie Lemelin (voice of Artemis) revealed it back in February.
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Gotta say that this is not the direction I would have gone in... 
I don't think that there are many more archers in the DCM, so Olivia would probably be the best guess.
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She appears in the new 52 Teen Titans Annual

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This is the problem with out of date threads.

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@tyekoon said:


Actually no, At the Comic Con 2010 Batman Brave and the Bold Panel Greg Weisman told the audience that she wasn't Arrowette, Speedy or an Amazon

check out the link below for proof:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzoopkET0m8&feature=youtube... -

She is daughter of Vietnamese Huntress & Sportsmaster, and sister to Cheshire.

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