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Young Justice

Starting Members: Robin (III), Superboy, and Impulse. Soon after, Wonder Girl (II), Arrowette, and the Secret joined. Later, Empress, Slobo, and the Ray joined. Red Tornado served as mentor.

When the Justice League originally debuted with impressive sales in 1960, it didn't take long for the powers that be at DC to realize the potential for a team featuring the sidekicks of those iconic heroes. By 1964, the Teen Titans were formed and DC had two blossoming franchises on its hands. However, in the wake of the 1997 JLA relaunch, the Titans had long since grown up. Luckily, a new generation of sidekicks had appeared on the scene in recent years, and out if the lessons of the past came Young Justice, a new, ongoing series starring the heroes listed above. Written by Peter David and illustrated by Todd Nauck, Young Justice succeeded in finding its fan base, just as the Teen Titans had in the 1960's. The original trio soon gained a mentor in JLA alumnus Red Tornado, and other heroes soon joined them. In their 55 issue run, the team's adventures included the sparking of the company wide cross over "Sins of Youth" before the team finally graduated to fabled Titans status.

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