haydenclaireheroes's Young Justice #6 - Fears review

Campfire Stories Part 2



One of my favorite characters in comic books is Superboy so I was pretty happy to see that this issue was going to be about Superboy.


The campfire stories continue. Robin thinks about his origins stories, Miss Martian tells her origin story to her friends, and Superboy has to figure out why he has the thought implanted in his mind that he wants to kill Superman.

Best Part

I think this issue and the last issue was great for people who never really heard of the characters in Young Justice, until the tv show, to get to know them. In this issue and the last it really explains the origin stories of each character in a fun way that kids would really like to read.

Worst Part

In the beginning of the issue it starts out by telling Robin’s origin story but it is a little confusing of if he is thinking about it or if he was telling his origin story to his friends.


I really like the art for this series because it really matches the art from the tv series. It is very easy for kids to pick up this comic and know that it is the stories from their favorite tv show, Young Justice on cartoon network.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

4 out of 5


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