sweatboy's Young Justice #14 - Under The Surface... review

A YJ Comic book?

Whaaaat? a YJ comic book??? seriously? And it was in the kid's section too so i wasn't even sure if i was gonna walk out with it, at first. So... does this go together with cartoon? this may have happened sometime between that episode with Starro (which DID turn out to be important after all) and Season 2. Definitely before season 2 because Lagaan's gf is dead. I need to catch up on the rest of the series. So yeah the plot isn't too different from a certain JLA episode where Aquaman is betrayed by his closest agents, but this racism sure is an interesting part of it. This shows us how Martian Girl learned to "gill up" and,... the new characters (that weren't in the show), i DID like to see King Shark, fighting WITH SB, on their team, but King Shark and SB does have a small face off, to which i could clap my hands in joy. Lori Lemaris, one of Clark Kent's teenage/childhood girlfriends, was one of Aqualad's old classmates? First of all, the whole mermaids thing, unless it's Martian girl who has the capability to transform into this fashion statement, is kinda... stupid? old fashioned? And with as many differences as they have made in this show, with the alternate reality pass, i guess the Lori Lemaris thing slides in ok. So many fish creatures, it feels like creators are just over abusing creative privileges, but then hey, the watery realms don't have as much representation, so i guess if you WERE making new characters that's a great place to work on.

Of course, with the show's popularity and missing parts, i could see how this comic book would go well, but it still would be iinsane to call this a good comic. I was hoping i'd somehow find out something that relates to the second season of the show in this issue, and maybe i would if i read the next one, but.... part of me finds this as a ridiculous commercial plot. But hey, it bought me.


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