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The Deleted Scenes of Comics

 On November 26th 2010, I was blown away by Cartoon Network's, DC Comics' new animated superhero show - YOUNG JUSTICE. Although it almost related to the original comic book series, and I did even read them back then, I enjoyed every heart-bounding moment as I watched the 'Titans' - with SUPERBOY, MISS MARTIAN, and the NEW AQUALAD first television debut. As I watched the ending of the two part pilot, something interesting caught my attention: The gap between JULY 5TH through JULY 8TH - the day when the sidekicks had their first solo mission and found SUPERBOY and the day BATMAN sets up his covert operation team (with an extra member - MM), along with base and trainers (Red Tornado and Black Canery). If you watched the pilot to the new hit series, then you'll feel right at home as we witness deleted scenes from the days not shown in the first 2 episodes as we witness more action and of course some humor.

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Cool review!

I saw the pilot, but haven't been able to follow the series much since it launched. I am really enjoying the monthly book. Not only is this new Young Justice really cool - it's what Teen Titans and Teen Titans, Go! could have been if the Justice League animated series hadn't been on at the same time and all the mentors seemingly licensed to that show and apparently disallowed to be part of Teen Titans...

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    Cover The cover is kind of misleading because Miss Martian and Artemis were not in the issue. Miss Martian has been introduced on the show but Artemis has not and if she was in the issue it would be interesting so I hated that the cover really misleading you for thinking she was in the issue.   Story Kid Flash invites Superboy to stay at his house to live and we see a little of them relaxing at home because it will take Batman three days to see if he is willing to make them a team. Superboy and...

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