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The Young Heroes are just that, young and relatively inexperienced super heroes brought together by the telepathic Jeremy Horton ( Hard Drive) and his lover Rita Lopez ( Monstergirl) to form their own titanic team. However, most of the Young Heroes did not know until much later that Hard Drive had secretly used his powers to coerce each member into joining to achieve  his own self-aggrandizing ends. He was summarily booted out by his teammates when they learned the truth.

When not struggling with internal strife from several intersecting love triangles, the Young Heroes distinguished themselves in battle with such monsters as Totenjaeger the Relentless, the Beast Grundomu, and Kalibak the Cruel. When last seen, the Young Heroes were attending the inaugural ball of Jeremy Horton, who had used his powers to influence and win the Connecticut gubernatorial election. The Young Heroes are presumably still active, though it is just as likely that those thorny romantic entanglements may have finally torn the team asunder.


Hard Drive

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