Young Avengers Movie

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Wouldn't it be a great time for a young avengers movie....the hype of avengers is still going...and i will personally watch the film 100 times and actually pay for each ticket

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While I would love to see one made, it might be a little too early to do one.

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Probably not. As much as I obsess over this team, there's just not enough to make a movie on them.

And I think the hype would do more damage than good.

People would be expecting to see a movie about their kids or something and aside from Hawkeye, none of the YA's legacy hero was in the movie.

Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Vision, Antman(both of them), Captain Marvel, the black Captain America. None of them have been in the marvel movies.

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I think its an amazing idea, but as much as it pains me to say this, I think they should do it after the second and third Avengers movies. By then we'll have enough history developed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to make this a very real possibility, and if no one has introduced Kang as a major villain, this would be a great opportunity to introduce him as the main antagonist.

For Patriot, it could be revealed that in the super-soldier program in the forties that whathisname lied about there being no survivors before Steve Rogers, that there was one African American survivor who eventually had a child and grandchild who inherited his super-soldier superpowers (or shared a blood transfusion), resulting in Elijah Bradley.

For Hulkling, a teenager that mysteriously developed superpowers due to a metagene got the ability to shapeshift with limited invulnerability and super-strength then transformed himself into a junior Hulk to fight crime with his friends. Teddy Altman's origin could be left relatively untouched for a potential Young Avengers sequel, unless by the third Avengers movie the subject of the Kree/Skrull war has already been explored and touched upon, whereas we could build Teddy's origin off that, or slightly alter his origin as movies tend to do.

For Wiccan, one would assume the men upstairs would've already introduced the concept of magic as a higher form of science in one of the Avengers movies or one of the spinoffs by then, allowing a (fan of Thor) kid with an Asgardian inspired costume to wield magical powers. Little to nothing needs to be said about Billy Kaplan's origin except he's a teenage boy who's been tinkering in a little witchcraft and has found he has a knack for it (as the Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver/Magneto are mutants owned by a different movie studio company and so can't be touched by the Marvel Studios).

For Stature, if they really do do an Ant-Man movie as it has been announced in the Marvel Studios third phase, and they stick with the concept of using Henry "Hank" Pym as the first Ant-Man in the 1940s and have Scott Lang as his successor, the second Ant-Man in the present, the movie could have a cameo of Cassie Lang and she could spinoff it and into the Young Avengers movie, stealing some of her dad's Pym Particles to gain size changing powers.

For Speed, as much of a fan as I am of Tommy Shepard, I think a first Young Avengers movie could do without him as he wasn't in the original line up until the Young Avengers #12, and we can avoid explaining the whole Wiccan and Speed as twins or avoid the movie having to ignore the concept/storyline all-together.

For Hawkeye, a young rich socialite without superpowers who takes on the role of a young teenage female Hawkeye/the Hawk (taking this role for some very good reasons Young Avengers Special #1) I think is an amazing idea on so many levels. Kate Bishop doesn't actually need any reason to be on the team, it wouldn't be the Young Avengers without her.

And finally, Iron Lad, the founder of the team, travelling from the future after discovering his inevitable destiny to become Kang the Conqueror, something he's seeking the Avengers help to avoid. I don't know about you guys, but I see by the end of an Avengers movie trilogy, the last/third movie would end with something similar to the Avengers Disassembled storyline (like the first movie ending with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the others going there separate ways, only on a more dramatic scale), leaving Iron Lad with no Avengers to help him, so he creates his own team like in the Young Avengers first story arc.

That first story arc against Kang would be a fantastic storyline for the first Young Avengers movie, only removing some elements like Captain America, Iron Man and Jessica Jones involvement in the story, remove J. Jonah Jameson's opening (as Spider-Man characters are owned by a different studio), and remove the Vision's involvement (unless they introduce the Vision in one of the Avengers movies or spinoffs, in which case he'll probably become untouchable or unusable for this movie, or might become integrate-able on some smaller level (to keep the cast from growing too large), maybe in a cameo.

A movie of teenage superheroes with an African American leader, two major in-team romances (an interracial couple Patriot/Hawkeye, and gay couple Wiccan/Hulkling) and an amazing time travel story that could stay almost completely inside the realm of the movie itself and not interfere too drastically with the other Marvel Cinematic Universe movie (like the original comic book series did) while still being a dramatic wild ride for the kids on a reasonable level of action, drama and romance, is just what the doctor ordered and exactly what the world needs right about now. A movie that includes teenage angst, racial diversity, good representation for the LGBT community, and a stronger presence for women in the superhero community.

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Maybe after a couple Avengers movies and if the SHIELD television series is successful they could do a Young Avengers television series. For any series budget needs to be taken into account and Patriot, Hawkeye, Stature and even Wiccan could be done with few special effects. Hulkling and Iron Lad/Vision would be the ones who require CGI.

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There's an actual movie called Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow the children are actually the children of the Avengers the only two Avengers that don't have children are Hulk and Iron Man, but the end of the movie gave off a hint that Hulk will soon have a child. So in it when Ultron first becomes a threat the Avengers go on to face him and fail eventually one by one died ( with the exception of Iron Man(took kids to safety), Hulk(fled), and Thor(also fled)). The children James Rogers(Son of Captain America and Black Widow),Henry Pym Jr.(Son of Ant-Man[in movie Giant-Man] and Wasp),Azari T'Challa(Son of Black Panther and Storm), and Torunn(Daughter of Thor and Sif) get themselves into trouble causing Ultron to find them but they escape just in time but with a cost they had to leave behind Iron Man. They eventually reunite with Iron Man and find Francis Barton(Son of Hawkeye and Mockingbird) they then leave Ultra City(Ultron's Base) and go to get Hulk so they could Destroy Ultron once and for all. They find him as Bruce Banner and he refuses to change into The Hulk so they decide to lead Ultron to them to get Bruce mad. Once they lead Ultron there he refuses to come out Pim(Henry's nickname) then taunts and stings(power from his mother) Bruce the turns into The Hulk goes outside destroys Ultron and runs away with Betty Ross. Torunn then goes into space and throws the split Ultron into Deep Space and Torunn almost freezes to death and then is saved by her father. Blah,blah,blah happy ending. There were only two downsides to this movie it didn't come out on the big screen and...

IT WAS ANIMATED!!!!!!!!!!!

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