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Hey... I've been looking everywhere and my last two orders on ebay did not come to my home so I won't use it anymore.

I need badly Young Avengers #3. I have all of the others, if anyone could find a copy or is willing to sell me a copy it would be great.

I also have a lesser need for the black over issues of the Young Avengers and Runaways Civil War Vol. 1-4

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You really are crazy about the Young Avengers, huh?

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Young Avengers rock, there are a few of us obsessives out there. Personally I just got myself the entire 12 issues, but I had to hunt around for them (assuming the set I ordered off FP actually bleeding come)

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The Young Avengers sort of annoyed me because of the parallels to Teen Titans, plus a few of the chars I disliked. It was okay though.

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Speed and Wiccan are cool though. I like their backstory and I did a load of fanfic with them and Wanda. It's all nice and knotty.

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I got it! Wooooo. Now I just need the Civil War ones. Young Avengers have to be a fav, They are what got me back into comic books really. I am spending way to much on comics now so maybe I should hate them.

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Civil War got me into comics, I know it was a crappy event but it looked like it was changing the universe and I was just hooked.

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I'm glad you found it. Young Avengers really do rock though it was DC that got me into comics. Can't help but love my Batmans and Nightwings and Birds of PReys...

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I only read the first Young Avengers trade. Think when it came out I was buying too much (still am). It's good. I'm waiting for the second volume to come out in paperback. It's only in hardcover.


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