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Hey everyone! 
So if you know me you know I'm a hardcore X-Men fan and that's pretty much all I read...  
Hearing that the Scarlet Witch has been popping up in the Avengers comics recently though I picked up the six comics that have come out recently; Avengers: The Children's Crusade
Anyway, the writing is really good and the characters are pretty likeable.   Now, I've never really read ANY of the avengers books but would any recommend me getting the TPB of the Young Avengers? Because I like the character dynamics in it so far... and was wondering if the 12 issues they had before were any good / good enough to pick up and read? 
AND what are your thoughts about the Children's Crusade story arc? 

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You're back! <hugs> 
Anyway, Young Avengers is amazing! Jim Chueng's art is amazing, and Heinberg is really good with dialogue.
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Childrens Crusade is decent, though their original 13 books were really good, they haven't been able to keep a solid pace for some reason

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