who should join young avengers

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They need a Wolverine or a Thor, how about an Ares

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Scorpion, Thor Girl and Arana seem like the likeliest candidates to me.

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Billy is sort of their Thor, as for Wolverine, maybe X-23?

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X-23 is too A-List for them.

if Daken's Dark Avenging doesn't work out, he can go there.

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Gravity maybe

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For a spider-person I'd say Arana or Mattie Franklin. I've wanted Thor Girl to join ever since Asgardian turned into Wiccan.

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Oh yeah they need a young Black Panther too. Some kinda Wakandan kid.

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Hehehe...Aunt May

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Trauma and Thor Girl imo. They need a replacement for Iron Lad too.

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Not Trauma, he's not Avenger-y enough. But Kristoff Vernard for a new Iron Lad.....maybe one day.

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Araña or Patrick (the last Scarlet Spider) for the Spider-Man/Woman type

Thor Girl and/or Phobos for the Godlike type
X-23 for the Wolverine type
Call me crazy for wanting a second mutant, but I also think Gentle, having nowhere else to go, could take care of both the Black Panther and Luke Cage type
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X-23 could temporary join them to see the different, non-killing, brand of heroism. After all, she is related to Wolverine, so she makes sense with Iron Lad's rules of gathering them.
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  • X-23 
  • Gravity
  • Spider-Girl
  • Reptil
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Amadeus Cho, Arana or possibly Gravity.

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