Unscripted Review: Avengers: Children's Crusade

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This comic looks good. Glad to have Scarlet Witch back.

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I am sooo looking forward to it. Not being a continuity buff, this looks like it's right up my street ;)

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I really liked this issue. I really enjoyed that last page.

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I loved this book id give it a five! great review guys
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It sounds like the them of heroic age is teams of heroes against each other.
Young Avengers vs. Granny Avengers
Wonder Man vs. Generic Avengers
etc ...
ok two ...

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I completely agree with Sara...this was a really good book and its great to see the Young Avengers again...hopefully this might lead into another ongoing series....One can only hope....

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It looks good. Finally we will see what happened to Scarlet Witch. I could hear Babs in this video.

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Totally agree with Babs I also gave it a 5

#9 Posted by Kid_Zombie (823 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll give it a chance, not to happy Scarlett Witch is returing

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I really enjoyed this issue! I agree with Babs 100% And the end... I was like, DUDE! haha soo cool! YA has been one of my favorite titles since it started, and i'm happy that the creators are back on the team, this storyline is going to be amazing! can't wait to see what happens next!
I am also curious about whether they will keep exploring just how powerful Wiccan is, I mean, some have said that he is VERY powerful, like Doc Strange and the Vision, but I mean, to what level? Could he possibly be powerful enough to revert M-Day? I mean, who knows... But if he has the "same" powers as the Scarlet Witch, then it makes you wonder.

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4.5/5. You guys should buy it.

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Babs gives everything a 5. In my opinion, high ratings no longer seem to hold much weight from her since she seems to love everything.
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I remember a time when people said that Babs gave everything low scores because she doesn't like anything.
I loved this comic, I give it a 5 too.  The art is just awesome, and the story is great.
I liked Young Avengers and got into it right when the series stopped and all the Civil War and death of Cap and Secret Invasion stuff happened, so I am glad its back.
 Clint might say something like "Mockingbird?  She's my... uh partner."  Because they don't know exactly where their relationship is.  but yeah, I agree with what your saying.
Best comic of the week for me.

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Wow, I found this issue pretty hard to swallow, other than the last page I felt like I read this all before, and not to mention that note in the beginning it was like saying, "yea we know we messed up but you all are going to buy it anyway so deal with it" smh. You wanna talk compromise how about have Jim Cheung do a few sketches of  what Cap and Stark should have looked like in the back of issue 2

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Im picking up TPB
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I'm a teenager....wish I was in the Young Avengers..... 
my Avenger powers would be based on.... Monica Rambeau :D 
I could be called Kid Photon!! ...or something more imaginative....

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This book was awesome... I do agree with Babs that Teddy calling Wiccan his partner felt forced, I even feel like sometimes (in other books) these two characters seem to be forced to be together for some reason.
Still this book was amazing, and that last page really got me excited for the rest of the series. 
I do have to point out that I am not a big fan of the Young Avengers as a whole, but as individual characters, specifically Wiccan, Speed, Stature,and  Vision  (Iron Lad) I am a huge fan. Those four characters are at the top of my favorite. 
I will take no side on this Unscripted review and say 4.5/5 for this... Only thing that lowered the expectations for me was how the Avengers handled Wiccan's power outburst situation.
@Joe Venom said:

"it was like saying, "yea we know we messed up but you all are going to buy it anyway so deal with it" smh. You wanna talk compromise how about have Jim Cheung do a few sketches of  what Cap and Stark should have looked like in the back of issue 2"

You have to take into consideration that pages with this much work into it are not done in one day, and it's probably not as easy as it looks... 
What probably happened was that this book was scheduled to be released 2 years ago with the whole story planned out but other events got in the way...
#18 Posted by Derfla.Y.Levolcmp (22 posts) - - Show Bio

Too quiet.

#19 Posted by No_Name_ (16193 posts) - - Show Bio
@ArtisticNeedham said:
" I remember a time when people said that Babs gave everything low scores because she doesn't like anything.
#20 Posted by Cherry Bomb (3295 posts) - - Show Bio

shame I can't see this review  :/  
I did my own review.  [: Check it out here

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wait what the hell? i just noticed that spider-man and wolverine were on the cover as well, yet they did not appear at all. ha.
well it was a great issue, i'm incredibly interested to read more.
i think Beast also met with Scarlet Witch during the whole Endangered Species back stories with him.

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great review
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i gave it a 2, because scarlet witch is my fav superheroine and i feel like marvel is taunting me bimonthly release dates!

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I love the ending i was wondering when that would happen , because it seems like they just didnt want to show it before
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Since this issue was written a long time ago, does that mean the ending was meant to take place long before Civil War, the death of Cap, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, and all that?
So this comic (and its ending) takes place where the last one by this creative team ended?

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Great book. Young Avengers are awesome.
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YAY! Thank you Comicvine! 
I love Young Avengers, and I was so excited reading this book (and watching this vid a few days later). Pity it's bi-monthy… what's with that? 
Loving the Wiccan-Hulkling things still, but yeah "partners" I agree: should've been "boyfriend", they're cute enough to say that =D and the Art is AWESOME.

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actually i am pretty sure clint told hank about the whole scarlet wich thing
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Teenagers...haha. I loved this
#30 Posted by the_nightwalker (176 posts) - - Show Bio
uh, what?
did you see her review of Shadowland or any of the Second Coming issues, she always moderate with her ratings.
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I also give this issue a 5/5 
I really REALLY enjoyed it 
but I have to agree.......partner? 
sorry, I dont' know about superhero gays, but I have a boyfriend 
my partner is the guy I run my business with 
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I loved it. But I may be bias! 8)

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the continuity problem really annoyed me.  
the dialouge seemed lacking. 
And Beast also found her when he was searching for the solution for m-day

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