Hulkling and Wiccan

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okay, this has been bothering me for a while now

How many people think the proposal in Children's Crusade #9 was legit?

I honestly don't. I love Billy and Teddy and one of the reason is because they're both deadpan snarkers

I feel like Teddy was trying to make a point when he said "death do us part", one that meant he would always be there for Billy

And Billy was telling Teddy that he was going to be okay after his depression by jokingly asking if that was a proposal.

Besides, they can't legally get married. They're both sixteen!

Plus, there's no ring and the two could do so much better than that.

Any one else want to voice their opinion?

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I think it's more like a promise rather than a proposal. I don't want Teddy to propose to Billy while he's so depressed. It just doesn't seem romantic to me.

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In one of the MARVEL NOW solicits didnt it say that they were the newly engaged couple or something?

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