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I have always been a huge Young Avengers fan, having bought the original trade as my very first comic. Children's Crusade was simply excellent. And I was naturally excited when they announced that they would release a second series as part of Marvel NOW! Eight issues in, my feelings are very mixed.


I love how the team is mostly the same as the post-Children's Crusade roster. A couple issues ago, we even got to see what happened to Speed, since he was missing from the book. The new additions to the team are very enjoyable I find. Loki, Marvel Boy, and Miss America are all funny and interesting characters. I especially enjoy Loki, and how after Siege they reintroduced him as a child. I think it was an excellent decision and I am glad that they haven't reversed it yet. It works. Marvel Boy made a rather abrupt reappearance after Avengers vs. X-Men, and I expected him to remain in limbo a while longer, but his characters interest in all things seemingly mundane is quite funny. Miss America is one of the more interesting characters to have been introduced recently by Marvel. I haven't read Vengeance, but I feel like I don't need to, because she is written so well in here. Introducing Prodigy into this book was another smart decision, as he's a great character with quite a unique skill set.

I think that the art is very solid. As much as I really miss Cheung's art from the original series, the art here holds up and works, especially for the extra-dimensional storyline. The panel's can get really interesting too, and the writer is clever.


From issue one I have had a few complaints about some of the key changes made to the series. Mainly, the plot line. Dimension hopping is always okay, but I can't really appreciate it in Young Avengers. When these kids were introduced, they were so lovable because they had doubts, they had joys, they had fear. Now they seem TOO super-hero-ish. They can't be more than 18 years old and yet they act like they've been doing this for decades. I miss the uncertain kids, the ones who were afraid there parents would find out.

The bad guy is a little confusing. Maybe reading the series from issue one all over again may help, but often times I wonder what the point of it is. It's been eight issues, I think the villain deserves a little flushing out by this point.

Wiccan's new haircut needs to go.

The last page seemed a little much. This series has tried to throw a wrench between the relationship of Wiccan/Hulkling, and I think that it would be a better idea if they didn't. It always seemed like out of all comic book relationships, there's would be the one that would work out no matter what. I think that writers shouldn't touch it too much.


It's a solid read, but more than a little disorienting for fans of the original series. I'd recommend at least giving it a shot.

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Posted by papad1992

I was going to make a review about this issue too but your review is exactly what mine would look like, with some minor changes. One thing that I agree with you totally is the last page... it's too much, especially since I'm a big fan of Prodigy, not only is this out of his character, it's out of his sexuality.

But I do love the art. The plot on the otherhand, is getting mixed reviews for me. I love the characterization so much that I'm confusing it with the plot, which I shouldn't. The plot is weak and unclear. I still don't fully understand, after re-reading a few times. But the series has me coming back issue after issue, so it's doing something right.

And the covers and page layouts are BEAUTIFUL throughout the whole series.

But after reading issue one, if you would have asked me in 8 issues where would they be... my guess would have been in a whole other direction. One that would make more sense and keep the plot solid.

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