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We are young

This comic immediately got my attention when I saw the variant cover drawn by Scott Pilgrim creator, Bryan Lee O' Malley. Kieron Gillen has been placed in charge of relaunching the Young Avengers- bringing in some new life into it with a mix of old and new faces, "music video" fights, and some modern love. From the first six pages you can already tell that you are experiencing something completely worthwhile.

This title oozes with style and delivers a perfect blend of light-heartedness, energy, and hormonal tone to this book that makes every panel and the characters in it shine. Even if you do not know any of the characters who star in this book ( like me), you will still find something to like and/or want to keep reading about them . Whether its the wonderful scene between Kate Bishop and Noh-Var-Marr that transforms into an incredibly entertaining "music video" fight scene, or the loving heart-to-heart conversation between Wiccan and Hulking. Every character has something promising about them that will make you want to keep reading and anxious for the next issue. Kieron Gillen is no stranger to writing teen characters of this ilk. He has a great grasp on what makes a teen character...well a teenager, without the characters coming off as obnoxious interpretations of what being young is like.

McKelvie makes this a phenomenal looking book. Miss America's appearance, despite coming out of nowhere, has an powerful presence on the page with a nicely designed costume to boot, and Wiccan, Nor, and Hulking look even more handsome than Justin Bieber. Kudos to the art team for delivering such an astoundingly good looking book.

Verdict: While this issue does have a little bit of a problem when it comes to pacing, that does not keep Young Avengers #1 from being a great read and one of the more promising Marvel Now titles.



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