Young Avengers #1

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The Good

The Young Avengers have too many good characters and they deserve to have their own series. Of course this isn't the same incarnation we've seen before. Kieron Gillen made it clear in interviews that he was not necessarily writing the YOUNG AVENGERS book that we've seen before.

The immediate reaction might be disappointment over not having this pick up immediately after AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE. Gillen understands that trying to pick up where Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung left off isn't necessarily the best idea. When it comes time for a new creative team, it's important to see what they can add to the characters. That is what Gillen does from the very first page.

Gillen takes the reigns of the series and it takes off. You'll find yourself a bit surprised but when a series is going to be relaunched, that's the time to lightly shake some things up. This isn't to say we're seeing huge changes that will make hardcore fans outraged but you will notice some differences. It is a natural development and something we'll want to see developed, along with the repercussions.

For those wanting to see more of Wiccan and Hulkling, you will not be let down here. Without going into details (or spoilers), again, Gillen is showing what the characters are about and adding a new twist. Of course Gillen adds a different level to the story with "Kid" Loki and Miss America. How they fit in with the Young Avengers is something we'll see unfold.

Jamie McKelvie and Mike Norton do a great job with the art. Of course we might be used to Cheung's art but McKelvie makes them his own. You can immediately tell who each character is and the detail and emotion shown is top notch. It's going to be a blast seeing the characters' adventure with this art team.

The Bad

This is where long time fans have to accept change. Change is good but sometimes it can be a little difficult for the hardcore fans. This may be unfair and while I do dig where this is going, a couple moments caught me off guard a little. A couple of the characters do certain things that might make you scratch your head a little. But again, this could just be a matter of the characters evolving.

There are a couple "threats" that occur here. Of course since this is the first issue, it's not fully clear what the connection is or how the "team" of the Young Avengers may get together to deal with them.

The Verdict

The Young Avengers are back...sort of. Kieron Gillen takes over and shows the characters are allowed to change a little. It's a natural development and it's great to see Gillen add his own spin rather than try to deliver more of what we've seen in the past with the characters. McKelvie and Norton add to this by giving this series a separate feel from past stories. One of the things you'll notice is the expression and emotion on each character's face. This issue is setting up the series but there are some big developments that happen. It's not completely clear where the story will go from here but that's part of the fun. We're off to a great start and you'll definitely want to stick around to see what happens next.


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