New Young Allies ongoing series is comming.

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Firestar FTW!

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So Firestar is getting younger? They just can't stop screwing with that character. For the sake of the character I wish she would just vanish into obscurity like many other characters.

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I'm in "Bastards of Evil" won me lol

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Eh. Why not?
Young Allies, though?

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Isn't firestar a bit old for this team lol ???

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Ya one would think she was considering she was a full fledged member of the Avengers at the end of the 90s. They keep screwing with the character, I hope this isn't in regular continuity.

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I like the line-up. basically Seans continuation of Nomad and the backstories in Captain America,
which have been rather fresh. i like his dynamic between Rikki and Arana as well. this fits in perfectly with the story already in progress...

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Although I am surprised Bucky and Arana weren't the first two members of Avengers Academy.

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I thought Angelica Jones was an adult? Is she serving as the team's den mother?
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They should put Rage on this team and take out that Toro guy. He looks kinda lame.
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My interest in this group is slightly piqued - if only for the Bastards of Evil, I can't wait to see more supervillain children.   The concept I'm liking is that it's been said that Young Allies isn't going to be an actual team but they'll be a group of young heroes who come together for a common purpose.  Hopefully, that'll leave room for the occasional revolving door in the roster.  I like team books but a lot of the time lately the roster changes every three storylines so what kind of 'team' is that.  At least if I know the roster will change I'll be happy.  But, at the same time, if it's the same characters always being thrown together for some random happenstance, then they might as well call it a team.  Change can be good, if it's done right. 
And since I did say the Bastards of Evil caught my attention, I wonder if the Young Masters will be showing up.  They've already hinted at one Bastards of Evil member which is Warhead, son of Radioactive Man.  I'm kinda curious if Melter of the Young Masters will be revealed to be any relation to Melter of the Masters of Evil (even though Chris seems to be a nice guy and all)

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yeah I'll check this

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@Illyana Rasputin: She's at LEAST 21.

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