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  1. Cover by Michael Bair.
  2. "The Americas" "Part I" written by Roy and Dann Thomas, penciled by Ron Harris, inked by Bob Downs, colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by JeanSimek.


  • "Suggested in part by a story by Gerry Conway and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez"
  • Story takes place on June 10 1942.

2nd Attack on Midway

Flying Fox, Neptune Perkins and Tsunami stop Japanese dive bombers and a submarine from attacking Midway.

In Washington, DC, Fury, Dyna-Mite, Tigress and Iron Munro prevent Nazi suicide bombers from killing a Professor. The group spots a vehicle pulling away. Fury follows. She arrives in New York City after following the men as Helena Kosmatos.

Nazi Bombers

Albert Einstein

At Grand Central Station, she stops the men from abducting Albert Einstein.

Finally, in Mexico, Sumo the Samurai introduces himself to Baron Blitzkrieg. Sumo has been sent by his Emperor to take part is some nefarious plan.


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