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  1. Cover by Michael Bair.
  2. "Vril!" "The Dzyan Inheritance Book Four" written by Roy and Dann Thomas, penciled by Ron Harris, inked by Malcolm Jones III, colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by Jean Simek.


  • Story takes place on June 1 1942.

Dr. Thule has consumed the Vril. The Young All-Stars have been captured. Streicher insists the Young All-Stars be disposed of. However, Thule wants to study them to determine the nature and extent of their special powers. Tigress is worried as Thule offers any of them without abilities to Streicher. Thule dispatches the Dzyan to a nearby American base in Iceland as a test. Thule and the Dzyan transform into birds and fly away. Kalla awakes. Victor Frankenstein II has tended to her wounds. He relates that he has been in this cave since 1797.

Victor Frankenstein II

Kalla returns to Leviathan to attempt to rescue Argor. Streicher tells Fury she will be subjected to “special” breeding test with Ubermensch of Axis Amerika. Iron starts pounding on his containment bubble. Dyna-Mite worries Iron will burst his heart before he breaks the bubble.

Kalla arrives. She attacks the Nazis and is able to free the Young All-Stars before she falls. The Vril container is compromised during the skirmish. Streicher is able to escape. However, he locks out heroes in the room with the Vril container. Fury and Iron attempt to break through the door. However, Dyna-Mite finally blows it open. Streicher escapes in his submarine. The Young All-Stars commandeer a Nazi sea plane. They are able to escape before Leviathan is destroyed by exposed Vril.

Attack of The Dzyan

Thule and the Dzyan have at the American base. The soldiers are no match for the Vril abilities of Thule and the Dzyan. The Young All-Stars arrive.

Tsunami attacks Thule

Tsunami attacks Thule with a tidal wave. Thule is able to boil the water away. But, Tsunami realizes this has diminished his power. Flying Fox is abilities to tend to Argor. Argor realizes he is the key to stopping Thule. Thule attempts to absorb Argor’s Vril. Argor separates himself from Dirk Peters. This tears Thule apart. The Dzyan are released. They merge and fly off. Neptune mourns his grandfather.

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