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  1. Cover by Michael Bair.
  2. "Leviathan!" "The Dzyan Inheritance Book One" written by Roy and Dann Thomas, penciled by Michael Bair, inked by Malcolm Jones III, colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by Jean Simek.


  • Special Thanks to R.J.M. Lofficier.
  • Story takes place on May 31 1942.

After a Nazi submarine breaks ice somewhere near Antarctica, the crew approaches a gate on the iceberg. The soldiers encounter the Dzyan. After massacring their opposition, the Nazis make their way to inner sanctum of the fortress. They encounter Argor. Argor is a human who is actually Arthur Gordon Pym. His Dzyan mate, Kalla, transforms into a bard and escapes.

She makes her way to the All-Star Squadron headquarters in New York City. At All-Star HQ, Wildcat is sparring with Iron Munro. Kalla locates Neptune Perkins and reveals her true form. Kalla reveals to Neptune that she is there on behalf of is grandfather, Argor. She tells the group Argor's story which began more than a hundred years ago. She tells how portions of Argor's adventures had been adapted as works of fiction by Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne. She explains Vril. Vril is the Dzyan concept of full mental and physical potential of a species. Argor was taught of Vril. He mastered aspects of the concept. Perkins learns his parents conceived him as a tool of justice and revenge, who would end Argor's dreams of violent power.

Kalla request assistance from Perkins and the Young All-Stars to free Argor. She warns if the Nazis are able to obtain the secrets Argor possesses no nation of earth will be able to stand against them.

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