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Yoroida is a sadistic thug for hire who often worked for the wicked lawyer Jin Masaki.


Triage X Vol. 1 JPN (Dec 2009)

Yoroida is an antagonist in the Triage X series that was created by Shoji Sato. It began serialization as a bi-monthly series in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age in 2009.

His first appearance was in Triage X Volume 1 CH. 4 "CASE: 2 Surgical Strike I - License to Judge".

Major Story Arcs

CASE: 2 Surgical Strike

Yoroida was hired by Jin Masaki to use his men to kidnap Miss Fujino from Mochizuki General Hospital. In the process he ruthlessly ran over an elderly woman who tried to black the path of his car. He tied torturing Miss Fujino to learn where her father hid the bank ledger of his corrupt boss. Masaki arrived and slipped her a drug that put her under his control, then Yoroida hired a small army of thugs to defend the abandoned building they were held up in. They planned to take out the killers of Taisei Aranami when they came for Masaki and their hostage.

Just when it seemed Yoroida had captured one of the Black Label members, her backup arrived, and his hired guns were being slaughtered all over. He tried to run for Masaki for help, but he was just rambling about the law protecting him. Yoroida tried to run for his car, but he was found by Yuuko Sagiri. She was after him for running over Granny Kimura. He scrambled into his car to try and run over Yuuko. She evaded, then he ran into Sayo Hitsugi's shield. The impact cause the car to recoil into the air, and Yuuko sliced the car and Yoroida with her sword.

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