Shia LeBeouf Says Y: The Last Man Could Still Happen

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Y: The Last Man was simply an awesome comic.  Brian K Vaughan did a great job on it.  It's a good comic to use to try to get non-comic readers into comics.  Director D.J. Caruso has been attached to making a movie version for some time.  He has mentioned several times that he wanted Shia LeBeouf to play the lead character, Yorick Brown.  LeBeouf, himself, has also expressed great interest because he's a big fan of the comic.  Over the last couple weeks, it's been reported that LeBeouf felt the movie wasn't going to happen.

Collider has reported that there is still hope and clarifies the reasons it's not happening at this moment.  It seems the script is not ready yet and Caruso is planning on making a Jack And The Beanstalk movie next.  LeBeouf feels Yorick is too "Sam Witwicky" and he also wants to do something different right now.
There’s just other things going on with DJ and I wouldn’t want to make the movie with anybody else because he loves it like I do.  But I don’t think Vaughn is trying to give it to anybody else. I think that it is something that’s very realistic, it’s just not in the pipe for the next year.
LeBeouf claims there is still a chance of this happening.  At 23 now, is LeBeouf getting too old?  How many movies would they make out of this?  I've said several times that this would be great as an HBO series.  As much as I'd love to see this adapted, I don't know if even three movies could do the 60 issue run justice.   I'm not the biggest LeBeouf fan but I think he could pull off the role.  The fact that he's really into the comic would help and ensure that he'd really put himself into the role.  His name attached would bring in more success at the box office.  Hopefully this movie will happen someday.  All we can do is hope for the best.

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He's a good choice but its bad timing for his acting career after Transformers.

Either way I think Y the Last Man as a TV series is a good idea since there could be a plethora of storylines that come out of the premise that the graphic novel hadnt touched on and would thusly be a very successful TV series.

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I'm with you G-man this would be a killer HBO series. I would much rather see them do the story more justice in a series than a movie. Besides HBO series are pretty awesome they put a lot of effort into their shows.

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I want this movie to be made so badly but I'm really scared at the thought of it...sucking.

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I think either LeBeouf of Zachary Levi from "Chuck" would be great. Both of them have roles that are similar to the character though. This comic was almost tailor-made for a movie or TV series, because Vaughan just has that style. Like, you can go in the Alan Moore direction, where you believe that comics are a totally different medium, and you are obligated to do everything differently, or you can go this way and emulate the episodic nature.

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NO!!!!!!!!Not Lebeouf!

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"LeBeouf feels Yorick is too "Sam Witwicky,"" Im truly glad he notice that he is being recast as the same character repeatedly. Three years ago I would have been onboard for LaBeouf as Brown, but he is already Sam Wilwicky and will most likely be the next Indiana Jones and think thats good enough.


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I like LeBeaof alot. I think he's a smart actor who picks great roles that support him best...

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HBO Series or nothing, cant be compressed into film without cutting too much

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Yeah I read an interview with him in Wizard stateing " I'm not willing to make this movie currently" he also said " You take sam(witwicky) and you put a monkey on his shoulder I don't know if thats a big differential"

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I sincerely hope this never happens.

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I'm a big fan of this kid. If he'll do it, I'll go see it.

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I hope they ake the three movies and an HBO series.

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I don't care what anyone says Shia would make a great Yorick

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@G-Man said:
" I want this movie to be made so badly but I'm really scared at the thought of it...sucking. "
I'm with you there, although I can't imagine LeBeouf as Yorick. He's too juvenile looking and too small.
He's an Okay actor but he just doesn't fit in...

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A movie is a really bad idea for this series, there is way too much going on and it goes over such a long time stream that a two hour movie would not be long enough. While a HBO series would be perfect and do the series justice.
I don't really like LeBeouf, but he would make a perfect Yorick. He has the the perfect mix of dorkieness and actractability to be him. I just hope Megan Fox isn't his sister. :P

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This would be a great movie idea. However, if they put Lebeouf in it the movie will suck. Just like every other movie he has been in and destroyed.

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I agree with casanovafrankenstien Lebeouf would take all the potential good this movie could have and sh*t all over it.

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This could be good. I have like two issues with this concept but otherwise I love it

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Personal note: Listen to your gut and one day finally read all of "Y: The last man" series

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I think he'd suit the character, but I can't blame him for avoiding being type cast.

If you don't think the series could be wrapped up in a movie franchise, then how about an ongoing series instead?  Two or three seasons would be able to cover more than a couple of movies :)

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@Korg said:
" I sincerely hope this never happens. "

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