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Call of the wild

Yolanda Montez was born with meta-human powers due to the genetic manipulation studies of the criminal Dr. Love. Yolanda became the god-daughter of Ted Grant, also known as the hero Wildcat, a close boxing friend of her father, "Mauler" Montez. Due to the prenatal treatments given to her mother, Yolanda was born with sharp retractable claws on her fingers and toes, and cat-like agility and reflexes. She concealed her abilities and lived a normal life as best she could, always feeling the draw to action.

Yolanda became a journalist, and began working for Rock Stars Magazine based in L.A California. When Ted became injured in the Crisis on Infinite Earths as Wildcat, Yolanda chose to use her powers for the first time to debut as the new Wildcat. She joined Infinity Inc. shortly afterward and went on several adventures with the group, forming close ties to Beth Chapel the second Dr. Midnite. She met El Charcaro on one of her first adventures with Infinity Inc, and the reality of the extent of Dr. Love's experiments horrified Yolanda, making her fear she would be further mutated into a monster.

Cat fight !

Yolanda as Wildcat went into seclusion for a short time until the threat of Eclipso emerged once more. Yolanda put on her Wildcat outfit once again and joined the Shadow Fighters, a loosely formed unit specifically united to destroy Eclipso. Unfortunately the fight did not fair well for Yolanda or the band of heroes. Yolanda was killed by Eclipso, alongside her other teammates in the Shadow Fighters. At Yolanda's funeral, things got heated and Yolanda's father, Juan, lashed out at Ted. Her mother, Maria sought the help of a witch who claimed she could resurrect Yolanda. Her brother, José alerted Ted and the witch was exposed. Afterwards, Maria forgave Ted, acknowledging that Yolanda was happy in her time as Wildcat. Yolanda's cousin Alex later became yet another incarnation of Eclipso, going on his own path of vengeance for the murder of his cousin. Wildcat later mourns both their deaths in an alcoholic stupor by their statues in the JSA Embassy, guilt redden at his inability to help either.

New52 Earth-2

A new version of the character recently appeared in the new Series Earth 2. Yolanda Montez was revealed as The Red Avatar of Earth-2. Originally, the chosen avatar was her brother Alejandro, but Yolanda choose to sacrifice herself as an avatar to save Alejandro of such destiny. That would also mean Alejandro would forget her.

Sadly, her stint as The Red avatar was accidented because she was captured by Desaad and used to fight the team of Superman, Power Girl, Red Tornado and Batman who were trying to rescue Huntress. The team freed Yolanda and gives new hopes in the salvation of Earth-2.

Powers and Abilities

Yolanda would develop as she grew up into a catlike meta human. Yolanda had superhuman agility, strength, stamina, and jumping. Her senses were superhumanly enhanced, which included night vision, acute hearing, and enhanced smell, all of which allowed her to be a superb tracker.

Yolanda was also an expert martial artist, mixing her natural catlike grace into her moves. Her razor sharp nails could cut through brick and allowed her to climb and cling to walls. Yolanda often had to make light of her feral nature.

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