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The formation of the Weaponers of Qward marked the first time in known history that the Qwardians were united under one ruler, other than the Anti-Monitor. The Chief Weaponer was the highest position one could hope to attain in the antimatter universe. Presumably, Yokal the Atrocious was the first of many Chief Weaponers. Yokal would be required to choose his second in command, the Master Thunderer, commander of the Thunder Guard, an elite group of the best Weaponers. Yokal the Atrocious, founder of the Weaponers of Qward, attempted to topple the Golden Obelisk on Qward and break it open by the crushing force of its own weight. Bringing gargantuan wild beasts from far off planets, Yokal chained the creatures and goaded them to pull the obelisk down. The terrific force of the beasts broke the chains, thousands of Qwardians were killed.

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