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From the moment he was born, Yoite had been considered an "Angle of Death" by his family. His mother died during childbirth, as a result he was locked away in the basement and not even his half-brother Kodo Tsukasa was allowed to approach him. At the coming of his fourteenth birhtday, Yoite's family had decided to kill him. Slashing his throat and attempting to force Kodo to do the same. After this unsuccessfuly attempt to kill him, Yoite ran away. Everysense wishing he could be erased from existence became his goal. Yoite was then saved by Hattori, leader of the Grey Wolves (Kairoshu). Being accepted in as a Grey Wolf, Yoite

A young Yoite

trained for a year, studying the Kira technique and ninja skills. Hattori had promised Yoite that this would bring him closer to his wish of being erased. Yoite was placed under the care of Yukimi, another Grey wolf, and is given his name "Yoite".

Yoite first meets Miharu Rokujou in the Fuuma village where he and Yukimi were sent to retrieve a scroll of secret arts. Miharu is accompanied by Tobari Kumohira, Kouichi Aizawa, and Raimei Shimizu who try to prevent them from sealing the forbidden scroll. But going toe-to-toe with a Kira user it not something to be taken lightly. Miharu's friends are quickly taken down to a stand still. Raimei and Kouichi are both unconscious and Tobari is barely holding his insides together by using his unseal technique. Miharu is left unable to help them and yells for Yoite to stop. Just then Kotarou Fuuma, leader of the village, shows up and assist. Yukimi had told Yoite that their only mission was to retrieve the secret scroll, not mess around with the Shinra Banshou owner. So, the two leave, forbidden scroll in their possession.

Yoite using the Kira technique


Later, Yoite kidnaps Miharu and takes him to an old broken down train in a bamboo forest. There he tells him he wants Miharu to grant his wish. His wish to be erased from this world as if he had never exisited. Yoite gets Miharu to agree to help after blackmailing him, saying that if he dies before being erased then Miharu's friends that he had shot his Kira into would die with him. 


Hair: Black 
Eyes: Blue 
Height: 5'11 
Weight: 117lbs 
Age: 16 

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