Star Wars: The Clone Wars Is Getting Decoded

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"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" has been a big hit for Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network.  I've enjoyed the show and it really started getting it's groove towards the end of the season.  Hopefully that means when it returns, they'll pick up where they left off.

Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network have announced that the entire season is getting enhanced.  There will be text windows that will appear at certain moments and give more insight including trivia along with background information about characters and storylines.  Basically it'll be like the old "Pop Up Video" show on VH-1.  What's cool about this, is not only does it give us more information on the show but it also shows the amount of detail that went into it in the first place.  Character designs and situations weren't just thrown together for the sake of the show.  We'll see just how much work Lucasfilm put into each episode.

The first of the "Decoded" episodes will premiere on May 1, at 9 p.m. on Cartoon Network.  The entire first season will air in the following weeks each Friday leading up to the premiere of the second season in the fall.  Here's a little clip to get an idea what it will be like.


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pretty cool caught a few episodes were pretty good especially towards the end. this would be cool as said give some insight into what actually went on during the making of and give more info and things happening

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Yeah, it's a great idea.  I enjoyed most of the episodes.  Some were...okay.  This gives a new reason to watch them and see if there's any Easter Eggs or just plain stuff we missed.  Pretty sneaky on their part.

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Cool setting, thats why I like starwars, its locations.

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OH man this sounds badass....CRAP now i gotta tape em all over again or little hethen will yell at me again.

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