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Ylum's solar system

The moon of Ylum (as in "asylum") was ostensibly colonized by General Theodore Hellpop of the Sov Army. He explored the moon and found that it had been previously inhabited and held many mysteries. His son, Horatio would be embraced by those very mysteries, including a pair of friends named Alph and Beta, who indoctrinate Horatio into the thinking of the planet's greatest inhabitant, The Merk. As the young man grows, he has dreams implanted by The Merk, dreams of justice against humanity's greatest villains. He is eventually bestowed with fusion-kasting power from the demi-god Merk, his first task to kill his father, the nearest mass-murderer on the list.

Horatio does as he must, and thus begins a tug-of-war with The Merk over power, responsibility, conscience, and the fate of the moon of Ylum. Horatio becomes Nexus the Liberator, and begins to bring in the persecuted, first among them The Heads. Various powers from The Web (of planets, not the Internet!) attempt to claim Ylum as their own, and when that fails, to subvert its people and mission, and when that fails, to destroy it outright.

Ylum becomes home to Sundra Peale, Dave of Thune, Judah Maccabee (part-time), and a democratic government largely led by Tyrone. Various industries spring up, mostly represented by Vooper and Honest Crocus.

Ylum's position in relation to Earth

Ylum, through all these struggles, asserts its ability to be a sovereign state, free from The Web, and Nexus & Sundra battle on-and-off with The Merk in an attempt to free themselves and the planet from his whim. Aside from the local demi-god, the burgeoning population is constantly dealing with clashing religions, especially the Alvinites and Elvonics, neither of whom are afraid to shed blood in the names of their deities. This all culminates in the limited series God Con, wherein many prime deities convene to sort out 'the mess' of so many theologies on one little moon.

Ylum's habitable area map.
Ylum's living area

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