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As a young girl, Kirsi (mainly known as Yin) lived with her mother in Europe where she learned how to play the piano under the guidance of the famous pianist Elis Kastinen. After the death of her father, Kirsi discovers a romance developing between her mother and piano instructor. The sudden flood of emotion causes her to run away from her house and on to the path of an oncoming truck. In an instant, her mother pushes her out of the way, getting hit instead. Shortly after the death of her mother, Kirsi disappears, not to be seen again for years. She later reappears as a "Doll" working for the Syndicate alongside Hei, Huang, and Mao.

Yin mostly appears assisting Hei in his missions using her specter, a spirit she controls for spying using water as her medium. Her most significant part was when the Russian Intelligence attempted to capture her for information. Although Hei was ordered to kill her, he chose to disobey. Yin was given the opportunity to go back home, instead, she chose to stay with Hei instead. When Hei defected from the Syndicate and went rogue, Yin went with him. For months, Hei and Yin traveled together, passing themselves off as newlyweds while being hunted down by the Syndicate. It was revealed that Yin was Izanami, a weapon made for the annihilation of all Contractors. It was shown that Yin's specter possessed Izanami's powers as well as it would force Contractors to commit suicide using their own powers whenever Hei was in danger. Yin was later captured and Hei.

Yin appeared in Gemini of the Meteor held in a large metal capsule. During the final events in Hell's Gate, Yin is finally seen as Izanami alongside her specter who seems to have taken on a physical form similar to hers. In the very end, a short haired Yin lying on a bed of flowers inside a coffin appeared. After a few agents showed up, it extracted their souls and emerged from the coffin.

Character Evolution

In the beginning, like most Dolls, Yin was generally emotionless and felt no pain of any sort. This changed when she developed an emotional attachment to Hei.

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