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Legends of a giant Yeti has existed for many years from the snow mountains of Japan and they were called Yetrigar. This man-monster once laid in suspended animation encased in ice deep inside a glacial cavern in Alberta, Canada. An Arizona underground nuclear test split the earth northward which created a subterranean pipeline to Canada. The powerful tremor shattered the monster's icy prison and the seeping radiation made the Bigfoot creature grow into a massive giant. Yetrigar would head south and encounter the king of all monsters, Godzilla. SHIELD and Red Ronin would encounter a real life version of Yetrigar when it battles Godzilla in the Grand Canyon. A massive battle occurs between the three super-powered giants which results with Yetrigar getting buried under tons of rubble in a location called Budiansky Point.


Yetrigar was created by Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe in 1978 and first appeared in Godzilla King of the Monsters # 10.

Story Arcs

Yetrigar breaks free.

Years later, the West Coast Avengers return to the Grand Canyon for a vacation but they had no idea that Mockingbird had her own agenda to deal with at that same location. Bobbi Morse knew that Hamilton Slade, the grandson of the original Phantom Rider was there because he found his grandfather's burial cave. She believed that Hamilton Slade was the Phantom Rider that assaulted her a few weeks prior and wanted revenge. During their walk down the Grand Canyon, Bobbi threw an explosive device down Budiansky Point that released Yetrigar. Mockingbird left the scene during the distraction while the rest of the Avengers dealt with the legendary giant. Yetrigar was eventually defeated when Hank Pym and Tigra jumped onto his shoulders while it was being restrained by some cable-arrows from Hawkeye. Pym then placed a small brace in Yetrigar's ear and enlarged it enough to cause the monster to black out.

Acts of Vengeance

Yetrigar was placed in the United States government's maximum security installation for the incarceration of super-human criminals called the Vault. The Wizard would escape from his cell and take down Frank Ensign who was Guardsman Prime with the help of Mr. Hyde. The Wizard reached the control panel and released numerous criminals from their cells. Hawkeye and Iron Man responded to the distress signal and managed to take down all the criminals. Hawkeye used an explosive arrow to open a door but it turned out to be part of Yetrigar's special holding cell. The two Avengers left the scene before Yetrigar could free himself. When the Vault was shut down, it was rumored that Yetrigar was relocated to Monster Isle. The current whereabouts of Yetrigar are unknown.

Powers & Abilities

Yetrigar stands over 80 feet tall and is a powerful creature with superhuman strength and durability. Yetrigar is physically very tough, resistant to injury and oblivious to extraordinary amounts of pain.

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