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Six months after the Infinite Crisis event, Hu Wei discarded the medallion and lost himself to his savage fury. He stalked the valleys of the Himalayan Mountains, killing over thirty people. The Great Ten sent the Accomplished Perfect Physician into the mountains to stop him. Along the way, Accomplished Perfect Physician met up with the American, Ralph Dibny, who had been engaged upon a quest to find Nanda Parbat. The Yeti attacked them by hurling a boulder at them from the top of an icy slope, but Dibny pushed the Accomplished Perfect Physician out of the way in time. The Physician then used his powers of sound to distract the Yeti, enabling Ralph the chance to slip the Medallion around the creature's neck, forcing him to change back into Hu Wei.
 The Accomplished Perfect Physician brought Hu Wei back to China where he served with the Great Ten. During World War III, Hu Wei changed back into the Yeti and attempted to stop the rampaging Black Adam. Black Adam's strength greatly surpassed that of the Yeti and the battle quickly ended

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