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The only rangers to appear in American comics are Mighty Morphin' Yellow Ranger, Yellow Zeo Ranger, and Yellow Turbo Ranger. However some later teams had comics in the UK.

TV Series

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

In the first season of Power Rangers, Zordon chose Trini Kwan(Thuy Trang) to be The Yellow Ranger. After she left with

two other rangers, however, she was replaced by Aisha Campbell(Karan Ashley) as the new Yellow Ranger. Both Trini and Aisha wielded the Saber-Toothed Tiger Power Coin and commanded the Saber-Toothed Tiger Zord, But only Aisha commanded the Griffin Thunderzord, which the Saber-Toothed Tiger Zord transform into, the Bear Ninjazord, and the Yellow Shogunzord.

Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers

Tideus was the male yellow member of the Aquitian ranger team, who took over briefly while the original Power Rangers who had been turned into children and had their powers destroyed, were searching for the Zeo Crystal which could replace their powers and restore their age.

Power Rangers: Zeo

After an attack on the Command Center that utterly destroyed it, The rangers found another base underneath the ruins of

the old one, and became Power Rangers: Zeo. When the rangers were turned into babies and sent through time to find the Zeo Subcrystals, Aisha, the Yellow Ranger was sent back in time to Africa. She found her crystal, but she wanted to stay in Africa. A girl of an African Tribe, Tanya Sloan(Nakia Burrise), agreed to switch places with Aisha, and traveled back to the present to become the Yellow Zeo Ranger. She commanded Zeozord II and Super Zeozord II.

Power Rangers: Turbo

After an evil space pirate named Divatox threatens to use an intergalactic wizard to open a magical gateway to an

island in hopes of marrying a living volcano, The Zeo Rangers became Power Rangers: Turbo. Tanya Sloan remained the Yellow Turbo Ranger. After she left the team, she was replaced by Ashley Hammond(Tracy Lynn Cruz) as the Yelow Turbo Ranger. Both Tanya and Ashley commanded the Dune Star Turbozord, but only Ashley commanded the Star Racer Rescuezord.

Power Rangers: In Space

When the Turbo Rangers lose their powers and chase Divatox into space, they meet Andros, and become Power

Rangers: In Space and fought against the evil forces of Astronema. Ashley became the Yellow Space Ranger and commanded the Mega V4(Saucer Voyager).

yellow psycho ranger

During power ranger in space Astronema created the psycho rangers too drain the power of dark specter so she could take over as monarch of evil. Each psych ranger was obsessed with defeating the ranger of there colour and each used a weapon similar to there ranger. They were defeated but latter came back with the use of a digitizer and were digitized into cards at the end of that episode. They would latter return in power ranger lost galaxy as the reason for the first ranger team crossover episode.

Psycho yellow used a sling shot like weapon similar to the yellow space ranger’s star slinger and was a bee like monster in her true form.

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

In Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, The Yellow Ranger is Maya(Cerina Vincent), a girl from a rather untamed and wild planet.

She pulled the Quasar Saber with the Wolf Crest on it from its stone, and is the only one of the Rangers that has the ability to speak to the Galactabeasts. She commands the Wolf Galactabeast/Galactazord.

Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue

After the city of Mariner Bay is attacked by demons whose ancient city Mariner Bay was built over, five individuals are

selected to be Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue. Kelsey Winslow(Sasha Williams) is the most athletic of the rangers, rock-climbing when she was selected to become a Ranger. She likes to Rollerblade a lot, and can always be seen with her Headphones around her neck. Kelsey is the Lightspeed Yellow Ranger, and commands Haz Rescue 4, Rail Rescue 4, and Omegazord 4.

Power Rangers: Time Force

After Alex, a member of Power Rangers: Time Force from the year 3000, and fiance to the Pink Ranger, is murdered, the

other four Rangers track the killer to the year 2001. However, they couldn't morph because they need the Red Ranger's DNA, Alex's DNA, to unlock the morphers. But, they met Alex's ancestor, Wes Collins. After Wes morphed, the other Rangers could morph as well. Katie Walker(Deborah Estelle Phillips) is the Yellow Time Force Ranger, and is gifted with the ability of unnatural Super Strength, most likely due to genetic engineering. She commands the Time Flyer 4.

Power Rangers: Wild Force

While flying her Air Force Jet, Taylor Earhardt(Alyssa Kiperman) noticed a flying island in the sky, which she would later

know as the Animarium. She landed on it, and was chosen as The Yellow Wild Force Ranger. Because she was the first Wild Force Ranger, she was the team leader. She was a ranger for about a year before the new leader, Cole Evans joined the team. Her Military past causes her to be strict, and has even written a rule book for the Rangers. Taylor commands the Yellow Eagle Wildzord, the Polar Bear Wildzord, and the Black Bear Wildzord.

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm

After the Wind Ninja Academy is attacked by Lothor and his evil aliens, three remaining students are chosen to become

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm. Waldo "Dustin" Brooks(Glenn McMillan) is chosen to be the Yellow Ranger. This makes him the second Male Yellow Ranger, after Tideus of the Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers. He wields the Wind Morpher with Yellow Power Disc and commands the Lionzord.

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

After receiving detention for a week, Kira Ford(Emma Lahana) and two other students are taken to a dinosaur museum

by their teacher Dr. Oliver(Tommy Oliver, Green Ranger then White Ranger of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Red Ranger Power Rangers: Zeo, and Power Rangers: Turbo ). When they find out that the Museum is closed, Dr. O tells them that if they find anything prehistoric, he'll cancel detention for the rest of the week. The three students soon find the Dino Gems. Kira picks up the yellow Dino Gem, giving her the ability of a Super-Sonic Scream and turning her into The Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger. Kira is an aspiring musician, and performs many times during the season. She wields the Dino Morpher with Ptera Plate, and commands the Pterazord.

Power Rangers: S.P.D.

Elizabeth "Z" Delgado(Monica May) has the magnificent ability of cloning herself. She uses this power along with Jack

Landors to steal and give to the poor. After she is brought in by three S.P.D. officers, she is offered a position as the Yellow S.P.D. Ranger and soon accepts. Z commands the Delta Runner 4 and S.W.A.T. Flyer 4.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

A stranger arrives in the Town of Briarwood one day. That same day, evil magic is released, causing strange things to

happen. After a old man (really Udonna, a powerful witch) asks for help saving his brother from the forest, many people decline, saying there is something odd about the forest. Five people, however, agreed to help. Charlie "Chip" Thorn (Nic Sampson) is one of the five. Udonna later reveals herself to the soon-to-be rangers in the forest. Most of the people don't believe her when she says they are the ones chosen to be Power Rangers: Mystic Force, and they leave her. They are soon attacked, however, and must fend for themselves. They are soon overpowered. After Udonna told them that all they needed to do to access their Ranger powers was to believe in Magic, one by one they begin believing. Chip says that he believes and demonstrates his control over Lightning. Chip is the oddest of the rangers, as well as the most enthusiastic . He is believes in lots of fairy tales and goes in and out of reality at times. He even wore a superhero costume to high school and to prom. He is also a member of COUNTV: Containment Of Underworld Nocturnal Transylvannian Vampires. Instead of machines as Zords, Mystic Force has Mystic Titan Forms, in which the Rangers actually become their zords. Chip's Mystic Titan forms are the Mystic Garuda, taking the shape of a Thunderbird of sorts, and the Mystic Lion, which he shares with three other rangers.

Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive

Veronica "Ronny" Robinson was a successful race car drivers is recruited by Andrew Hartford to be the Yellow Overdrive

Ranger. She drives Dozer Driver and wields Drive Claws. She also have the genetic enhancement of speed. She is competitive and always wants to win. She is confident and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. Ronny was played by Caitlin Murphy and returned back to racing after her mission was over as a ranger.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Lily Chilman, played by Anna Hutchison, is a stubborn and upbeat person. She doesn't like to be still for periods of time

and will do what it takes to get her way. She is very close to Casey, Red Jungle Fury Ranger, and considers him a brother. She is a great fighter and dancer. She controls the Cheetah , Elephant, and Penguin Zords. Her weapons are the Jungle Bo, Jungle Mace, and Battle Claws. She eventually becomes a master and can summon a spirit ranger to help her in battle.

Power Rangers RPM

Summer Landsdown, played by Rose Mclver, is a confident but loving person who cares deeply for her friends. She is

specifically close to Dillon and they end up together at the end of the show. She comes from a rich family and therefore appears snooty at first, but is kind and fun underneath. She controls the Bear Crawler Zord and her weapon is the Zip Charger. She can also channel and fire energy as a side power.

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