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Haunting Batman From The Grave

The Story:

Batman receives a mysterious letter from Ra's Al Ghul who has been dead for some time now. Something has happened to the citizens of Gotham. They seem unable to die from any type of complication. Unable to explains this strange phenomenon, Batman must decipher the hidden code insides Ra's Al Ghul's letter to figure out a way to reverse the effects that have hit the city. At the same time Batman must find out if Ra's Al Ghul has really come back or not.

My Thoughts:

First off let me say this comic isn't at all what I expected it to be. It was so much better. It gave unfamiliar readers (such as myself) a more in-depth look at Ra's Al Ghul and his motives albeit after his demise but nevertheless proved to be an entertaining read. Throughout the story, writer Devin Grayson does a good job toying the readers of Ra's Al Ghul's resurrection (as well as Batman). I enjoyed the way Ra's Al Ghul's letter was presented throughout the story. His dialogue was well written. While his motives are questionable, you can tell he truly believes in his cause. The flashback scenes of his life were nicely added to the story. It gave us a look into his life and how he had managed to stay alive for such a long time and what he had to go through to achieve that. 

I don't want to ruin the master plan conceived by Ra's Al Ghul in which he forces Batman to do something. I will say it proved to be a nice ending to the story and a beginning to a new one later on.

Paul Gulacy does a great job with the pencils along with Jimmy Palmiotti and Laurie Kronenberg as the respective inker and colorist. I really like Gulacy's Batman and the way he captured him in motion. The covers were a little plain but the interior art is well worth the read.

Highly recommended for all Batman fans. It's a great story about one of his most formidable enemies. It's easy to jump in and follow. No other titles have to be read to understand this story. A great way to become more familiar with Ra's Al Ghul. 

Rating: 4/5


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