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Most of Yasu's youth has yet to be revealed. One event from Yasu's childhood is depicted in the Prologue to Part One of Dual.  In 1985, at the age of ten, Bill Jensen compulsively first eats his "imaginary" friend, Yasu, transforming into the super powerful X.  This first surprising transformation results in the destruction of a playground and the deaths of three children.
Part One of Dual begins eleven years after the events of the Prologue. Yasu and Bill struggle to understand the meaning of his powers and wrestles with the death and destruction he and Bill have caused in their past. 
As and adult, Yasu discovers that supernatural creatures of all varieties secretly populate the earth today. Many of these creatures are drawn to the power he and Bill share.      
Very few people can see Yasu. Yasu and Bill have formed a friendship with Liz Van der Heim, who can see Yasu, but cannot hear his voice.  Following her resurrection from the dead, Bill's one-time grilfriend, Carina Jefferson , has been able to both see and hear Yasu.

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