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Princess of Khoraja. After her brother King Khossus, was taken prisoner by the King of Ophir, Yasmela became the nominal ruler of Khoraja. Soon after Natohk began to amass his desert army of fanatic followers, he saw Yasmela as a reincarnation of his old lover and desired to take her for himself. He began to plague her dreams, tormenting her with his desires and plans for her. In desperation, Yasmela followed the advice of her handmaiden Vateesa, and sought advice from the Oracle of Mitra. In front of the statue she heard a voice, telling her to go alone into the streets at night and give command of her army to the first man she met there. That man turned out to be Conan. She brought him into the palace, called her advisors and told them of her decision (much to their dismay). Conan led her armies south to Shemla Pass and thanks to good strategy defeated Natohk's forces. Natohk lost battle but managed to capture Princess and rode off with her to nearby temple ruins where he was preparing to sacrifice her to god of death Set. Conan showed up just in time to rescue her and kill Natohk.

After battle Conan stayed for some time with her, they became lovers but Conan was growing restless. He managed to free her brother from captivity but Khossus was wounded and Conan lost Yasmela's favor. He left with his Free Companions soon after.

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