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In the 1950's Patrick was a all star baseball player. After he had finished his ball playing he decided to earn a engineering degree. After he accuired the degree he was to work at a top secret government building called deep freeze. Thats where they were holding Captian America and Bucky after they had became insane. When he found this out he was very shocked. He made an argument that they are needed now. Of course his opinion was not important. So when he was driving home from work he met a girl Cassandra Locke. She was a time traveler. She had collected information that the Skrull were trying to hurt the earth in her era. The girl was dying so she gave him all the information about her era and the plan of the Skrull. She also left him a belt which is how she teleported. He couldn't figure out how to use the belt but, he used it to boost his strength to super levels. So Yankee Clipper was created as hero identity. Patrick became one of America's champions. Doing good for all who needed help. Later, he joined the team First Line. His brother just happened to also be on the team. His brother was kid Justice. Later, Patrick met Locke again. When the two belts they had met it enabled Patricks teleport ability. So he teleported 20 years into the future. Thats when Patrick went to find his brother and the rest of First Line. One of the members Pixie helped Patrick get use to the time with the help of her family the Eternals. A full year later Patrick teleported again. He appeared right around when the Fantastic four was born. Later he learned Pixie had died defending against the Skrulls. So he decided it was time to hang up the costume and entered retirment.


Yankee Clipper has agility and was very athletic. He has super strength and could time travel. Also he could create force fields around himself.

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