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Mega Man 6

A robot built with a Japanese spirit, Yamato Man is a powerful fighter clad in traditional looking samurai armor. While the armor itself looks heavy it is made of a lightweight material that allows Yamato Man to have a level of agility higher than other Robot Masters though this means his defense is lower. Yamato Man is stated to have a high amount of respect for Knight Man due to their mutual level of honor and combat ability. When the Tournament started be was reprogrammed by Mr. X to serve as a general in his Robot Army. Yamato Man was eventually defeated by Mega Man and had his ability copied.

Powers and Abilities

Yamato Man was based of a traditional samurai warrior wielding a spear. While his armor looks impressive and durable it is actually very lightweight and thin giving Yamato Man more agility than he appears to have, though his durabiltiy suffers for it. Yamato Man's man weapon is a spear that can fire either a single or three spear tips at a time. This gives Yamato Man a long rang attack on an already long range weapon. Yamato Man has a habit of spinning his spear as a form of attack. Yamato Man was weak to Tomahawk Man's Silver Tomahawk Attack.

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