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It's only the exhibition for the Monaco Cup--the prestigious bread tournament Kazuma and company are participating in as they study abroad in France--and the competition is already ablaze. Kawachi and Kanmuri collaborate on an outlandish decorative bread scheme to earn their team some extra points, but will their avant-garde approach hurt their chances more than help? Later, a roulette wheel is used to decide which ingredients will be allowed in the first preliminaries. Will Kazuma's trusty Ja-pan 21 see Pantasia through to victory?

Chapter Titles

  • Story 60: But We Weren't Even Tardy...
  • Story 61: Ingredient Roulette
  • Story 62: World-Class
  • Story 63: Something Left Behind
  • Story 64: Ingredient Slot Machine
  • Story 65: Suwabara's New Frontier
  • Story 66: When You Crush an Apple, Use Your Teeth!
  • Story 67: Pierrot Talk
  • Story 68: Shachihoko Is a Common Name
  • Story 69: Kinoshita and the Circus







Story Arcs

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