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They've bested the hometown favorites from France, they've bucked the expectations of their detractors back in Japan, they've even invented a few new bread recipes along the way, and now Team Pantasia is headed to the Monaco Cup finals against Team USA. Gearing up for three rounds of baking pyrotechnics, master swordsman Kai Suwabara elects to lead Pantasia's battle cry, but his opponent, the bikini-clad pâtissier par excellence Monica Adenauer is anything but a pushover. Will Monica leave Kai whipped, stripped, beaten and battered?

Chapter Titles

  • Story 95: F1 Frand Prix
  • Story 96: The One Who Becomes the Vanguard
  • Story 97: Monica's Identity
  • Story 98: The Naked Truth
  • Story 99: The Reason for Being the Champion
  • Story 100: Performance Anxiety
  • Story 101: 9-1-1 for Nonsense
  • Story 102: Feeling of a Beginning
  • Story 103: Kanmuri's Box
  • Story 104: Kawachi's Conviction







Story Arcs

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