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Dragon Ball

Yajirobe first appeared in Dragon Ball.He met Goku after Goku ate his fish.

Powers and Abilities

At the time of his introduction Yajirobe was actually on par with Goku meaning he was comparable to the other Z-Fighters as well. Yajirobe was able to give Goku an even fight and then kill Cymbal, a minion of King Piccolo. Yajirobe is super strong being able to throw large boulders as an offensive weapon. Yajirobe is also a skilled swordsman being able to slash through enemies with easy.


Flash and Kill - A rush attack where Yajirobe slashes an opponent into the air and then waits for the enemy to fall back down. As the enemy hits the ground, Yajirobe slashes them again.

Gigantic Rock Throw - Yajirobe uses his strength to hurl a boulder at his enemy.

Ka-Blam Hammer - Yajirobe rushes full speed at the opponent and knocks them up into the air, sending them propelling. Yajirobe then flies after them and performs a combination of four punches and smashes them down.

Ka-Blam Slicer - Yajirobe creates a very large beam of energy from his sword and launches it at the opponent.

Ki Slash - Yajirobe is able to form an energy slash from his katana. This attack is the only energy based attack Yajirobe knows.

Miracle Ka-Blam Slash - A rush attack where Yajirobe uses his katana for a flurry of sword attacks finishing with one final slice. Yajirobe used part of this move to slice off Vegeta's tail.

Alternate Timeline

In the alternate timeline where Goku died of a heart virus and the Z-Fighters never learned of the Androids eventual attack, Yajirobe was one of the fighters who was killed in battle by the Androids. Gohan was the only survivor of the battle and went on to train Future Trunks.

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