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The final and most important "secret origin" issue of the series reveals the untold story behind former Israeli Defense Forces leader. Alter Tse'elon. What drives this female soldier's hunt for the last man on Earth, and what will Alter find that could mean the end of Yorick Brown?

The secret Origin Of ALTER Scene 1 : Alter has The twins in Kansas hostage she is looking for Yorrick, so she threatens to kill one if the other does not talk. Scene 2 : She is a little girl, she is holding a gun.and playing army. Her older sister comes up to her and tells her all fighting is bad and life is sacred. Scene 3 : She is sitting by a tree at a camp.She meets a boy and they talk. She likes him so she waits for him when he says he will come back after his counsellor falls asleep. He never does show up. Scene 4 : The day after she is sleeping by the tree, a counsellor finds her and says she has to go back home something has happened. Scene 5 : She is at a funeral. It's her sisters. scene 6 : She is in the army, she stops a suicide bomber from entering the base. The suicide bomber blows herself up early. Scene 7 : She is in a meeting with a superior officer, he is interviewing her for a higher rank. Scene 8 : After the plague, we find out her real reason for joining the army. Scene 9 : The twins tell her where to find Yorrick, she tells them that she is not going to hurt him. There have been battles over who gets him, she is out to save him.

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The Secret Origin Of Alter 0

Okay, here we get to see, at least in the cliff notes version, how a sweet little Jewish girl goes about becoming a hard ass army chick willing to gun down her former best friend, and an unarmed American politician. This was an interesting book to say the very least. I was interested in the character, while it did not satisfy all of my curiosities, at least it answered a few of the main questions I have about the character. I think I like the use of color in this issue. The cover needs a little...

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