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A stand-alone special issue featuring the art of Goran Sudzuka and revealing at last the "secret origin" of Dr. Allison Mann, loyal but cantankerous caretaker of Yorick. What event from this brilliant young scientist's past will effect the future of the entire planet?

The secret Origin Of Dr. Man Scene 1 : Present Day we see Dr. Mann leaning against a door, Yorrick is yelling from the other side. Dr. Manns hands are covered with blood.

Scene 2 : We see Allison Mann as a little girl. Her blanket has holes in it. Her Mother tells her a good way to get rid of the moths is to kill the males. Once the males die, so will the rest. Scene 3 : Allison still a young girl, walks in on her father and a woman who is not her mother. The woman says something to her that she takes as an insult. These two will not be getting along. Scene 4 : Allisons mom is telling her they are moving to America. She promises that while they are changing countries, that the new country will never change them. Scene 5 : Allison as a teen ager, all punked out, with a mo hawk smoking in front of Manns Chinese Theater. There she meets her first girlfriend Scene 6 : Then has her first sexual experience with her, in the front seat of a Yugo no less. Scene 7 : Her Father tells her they are moving from America. Allison doesn't want to. When her father asks if it is about a boy, Allison outs herself to him. He invites her to stay. Scene 8 : Her and her girlfriend break up. Scene 9 : She is now a professor, a student tells her that her father is close to creating the first human clone. He asks her what she thinks about the morality of such a thing. She asks him if he can keep a secret. Scene 10 : She is pregnant with her clones, yes there are twins. The assistant is giving pre natal care. They are talking about unforseen health risks. Scene 11 : Present day, Dr. Mann is blleeding profusely from between the legs.

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