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The epic "Kimono Dragons" story arc continues! Hot on the trail of Ampersand the monkey, Agent 355 and Yorick make a startling discovery in Tokyo, while Dr. Mann and her new girlfriend are confronted by a figure from the doctor's past.

The book opens with Hero and the Beth Yorrick impregnated finally reaching the Hot suite. Back in Tokyo, 355 has drawn a gun on the man who surprised her, yet he does not seem to react to her threat. They quickly discover that he is just an android, yet while they are examinating it, a woman hits 355 in the head with a chair. The two fight until Yorrick stops the fight by threatening to break the androids neck. Dr. Mann and Rose are looking through the remains of the burned down Lab. They are able to surmise that it was caused by a burning rat, and that her mother is not in the ashes. Rose asks if she knows of somewhere else her mother might have gone. We see Dr. Mann figuring out where her mother might have gone through a pair of binoculars with a parabolic microphone. The ninja has been watching the two of them and listening to everything they say. She seems pleased that Dr. Mann may know where her mother is. Back in Tokyo with Yorrick 355 and the ex cop who is now a pimp for an android. The cop starts talking and she gives us a little back story with what has happened with her, and more important, that the Tokyo crime industry has been taken over by a Canadian pop singer by the name of Epiphany, who is now in possesion of Ampersand. They decide that the best way to get to Ampersand, is to try and trade Yorrick, but 355 has a suspicion that Yu is working for Epiphany. We meet Epiphany, she is lounging around in her lengerie, very disappointed at Ampersand for not being more fun than he is. When she finds that she has no more cocain, she tells her second to cut off Ampersands penis and sell it for the drug. Dr. Mann and Rose have reached her mothers other laborotry, it's a green hose, and as Rose is stopping to smell the roses, she gets a sword through her stomach, courtaesy of Dr. Manns mother.

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