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At last, the long-awaited origin of Agent 355, loyal protector of the Last Man on Earth! In this special stand-alone issue, the secrets of the mysterious Culper Ring and its most famous female agent are finally revealed.

This issue opens in the middle or maybe even at the end of a storyline. We see Dr. Mann and Yorrick run out of some woods yelling about some cannibles. Cut to : The origin of 355 Scene 1 : Her father is a tailor, and is giving her a bit of a tailoring history lesson. Scene 2 : As a little girl, she is being told her whole family died in a car wreck. Scene 3 : A teenager at school, some kid uses the N word to her, and she beats him with a ball bat. This sparks an interest from some government agency. Scene 4 : She is being trained for the culpepper ring. And is told how every part of her is a weapon, and she should not over look biting. Scene 5 : After a training session, 355s handler passes her off to another, and says she is resigning. Scene 6 : Agent 355s old trainer is now a member of the sekautet ring, and is trying to assassinate the President. They fight, and 355 rips her throat out with her teeth. Cut back to : Agent 355 getting ready to fight some cannibles.

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The Secret Origin of Agent 355 0

So only forty one issues in and we finally find out what makes agent 355 tick. Yup finally her "secret origin". frankly, I think it follows what I belive would be a standard pattern for an issue like this. Not too many surprises here. Not that it means this is a bad issue. I just feel that in some ways, it could have been a bit more imaginitive. Heck she could have at least had parents who lived. Still it was cool to see what formed her into the way she is now. Although they forgot to mention w...

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