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The startling conclusion to the 3-part "Paper Dolls" storyline! Love is in the air as two cast members make the connection, and Yorick continues his desperate search for his fiancée Beth. But when 355 risks her life to stop a tabloid journalist from exposing Y to the world, could it put the kibosh on cupid?

We open this issue to find that Dr. Mann and Rose, the new member of the team, have hit it off nicely. Nicely enough to earn this book it's mature readers label. Dr. Mann invittes Rose on their quest to find Ampersand. In the meantime, 355 is fighting with the reporter, and they go over the balcony. At the last moment 355 is able to save both of them, and the reporter gets away. Not before Yorrick lifts her travel pass though. They meet up with her at the airport and manage to find out that she knew where Beth usually hung out. After more than a few words, they get the information and decide if Yorricks picture is going to be taken, it's best that it happens in the gossip rag this reporter works for. They go off searching for Beth, but when they get to her last hang out, they find that she had a dream that Yorrick was alive, and went to Paris to find him. Back on the sub, Rose is meeting with her captain, and we find out that she is a spy the captain is trying to infiltrate our favorite trio with. The issue ends with Yorricks mother looking at the naked pictur of her son in the gossip rag. Alter, the israeli soldier, shows up and quickly shoots her

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Wow, as little that happened ( By way of action I mean ) last issue, tons happens this issue. We have a fight, someone being thrown over a balcony, and saved from the fall. A not essentiall yet still important side character seemingly get killed. Hell, we even find out Beth hung out at a gay bar and had the nickname "Bangin Beth" . It's these kind of cool revelations that make me enjoy this book so freakin much. As well of course as the humor and most of the time intelligent writing. Capable i...

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