englentine's Y: The Last Man #34 - Girl on Girl: Chapter Three review

Boat Fight

Wow, a lot of stuff happens in this one. You have a field of poppies grow in a single panel. Theres a Jailbreak. An Amerous Captain, the most wordy mexican stand off I have ever seen. It's a pretty cool issue. Hell I forgot to mention the ship getting hit by an Australian torpedo. What is really surprising is how much dialogue and story Brian Vauhan is still able to fill the book with. I would like to address one thing that bothers me. In this series, all the men die, and America just goes to hell, while other countries are able to pick up where they left off. I do not think he realises, how resourcefull this country and it's women are. He mentions that America has nothing to barter for. Were the worlds bread basket. I am sure there is a woman out there whoo can make a tractor work and run a farm. Not to mention the scientists, engineers. I think comparitively this country would be doing quite well.


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